The European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (EUASU) is a non-governmental organization, the main purpose of which is to pursue the promotion and advancement of science and scholarship in Ukraine and worldwide. The Academy conducts academic research across a range of disciplines, and brings together scientists, academics, and experts with the goal of developing and popularizing science (in the broad sense, encompassing the social, psychological, and human sciences).

To achieve these goals, the Academy conducts joint scientific research in order to develop scientific techniques and methodologies; regularly organizes and conducts academic conferences, seminars, symposiums, round tables, meetings, and reading groups; collaborates with Ukrainian and foreign institutions, academies, scientists, and scientific institutions; promotes its findings in American, European, and other international media; promotes public awareness of research, development, and new technologies; invests in science; creates, implements, and promotes interventions in the field of public safety; creates and develops new methods; and carries out other kinds of activity aimed at popularizing and extending science in Ukraine and in other countries.

The Academy’s research interests include:

• Photography as a research method
• Historical field research
• Investigative journalism
• Human behavior in extreme situations
• Cybersecurity
• Transnational organized crime
• Psychology of memory
• Philosophy
• Radical anthropology
• Medieval architectural history
• Comparative history of culture, mentality, and technique
• Comparative history of leadership, with a focus on explaining success

Joining the Academy: 

Submit the application for consideration to the Academy's Board. The Board has the right to reject the application without disclosing the reasons. In the event it is approved by the Board, a member of the Academy is obliged to follow the Academy's Statutes; to promote the goals and objectives of the Academy; to fulfill the requirements of the Organization's decision-making body.


Academician of the Organization

Academician of the Organization is an honorary title awarded to members who have made an exceptional and significant contribution to science, have independent scholarly discoveries, conduct their own scientific research, represent Ukraine in the international arena as scientists, continuously conduct and supervise research activities.

Corresponding Member of the Organization

The title of Corresponding Member of the Organization is awarded to scientists who regularly conduct a scientific activity with the guidance of another scientist and demonstrate their contribution to science correspondingly.

Benefactor of the Organization

Benefactor of the Organization is a member of the Organization who regularly makes a financial contribution to science for the purpose of its development, promotes science, and participates in the facilitation of scholarly grants.

Associate Scientist of the Organization

Associate Scientist of the Organization is a member of the Organization, without achievements in science yet, but regularly carries out scientific activities with the guidance of a scientific supervisor from the Organization.