European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is European Academy that unites intellectual elite from all around the globe. One of its main purposes is to conduct multidisciplinary research; EASU regularly сonducts international conferences on the most challenging and relevant issues to find solutions to the problems that cannot be resolved even on the state level. The European Academy of Sciences strives to revive and strengthen the prestige and power of science globally. In the near future it plans to establish several multidisciplinary academic journals at the intersection of philosophy, anthropology, sociology, criminology, psychology, cultural studies, political science, and other disciplines.

The European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a non-governmental institution, the main purpose of which is promoting and advancing science and scholarship in Ukraine and other countries around the world; the academy conducts academic research and unifies scientists, academics, and experts with the goal of developing and popularizing science.

To implement these goals, the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine conducts joint scientific research in order to develop scientific technologies (methodologies); regularly organizes and conducts academic conferences, seminars, symposiums, round tables, meetings and readings; cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign institutions, academies, scientists and any kind of scientific institution; organizes cooperation with American, European and other international media; promotes public awareness of research, development and new technologies; invests in science; creates, implements and promotes technologies in the field of public safety; creates and develops new technologies; carries out other kinds of activities aimed at popularizing and spreading science in Ukraine and in other countries uniting scientists, academicians, and experts to develop and popularize science.

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Round Table of the International Society of Expert Criminologists
26-27TH SEPTEMBER, 2020

The International Society of Expert Criminologists unites leading experts in criminology, criminalistics, organized crime, money laundering, wildlife crime, criminal traditions, investigators around the globe to objectively look into ongoing global issues and prognose their further developments.

1) What are the current tendencies in criminalization on the national and transnational levels?
2) Will the post-pandemic era require new methods of countermeasures?
3) Have the prognoses stated in the previous meeting came true, and if yes in what ways?


24-28 AUGUST 2020

The International Science and Practical Conference "City as a Classroom" is designed to bring together leading experts and academics in all things related to cities (researchers and scientists, urbanists, photographers, architectors, writers, journalists, developers) to ultimately reflect on questions and find theoretical and practical answers, centered on finding the logic and tactics of implementing the "how to make this civilization a flourishing one".



21-25 MAY 2020

PALE-2020-Conference initiative group organized an international scientific conference to have a discussion, expert evaluation, and development of principles and guidelines to address the post-crisis situation of post-pandemic COVID-19 epoch in the following spheres:

— Business life
— Migration policy, labor migration
— Education and professional training
— Search for a new philosophy and social regulators from the viewpoint of religious studies and theology
— Crisis in science and its perspective of development
— Potential and coping of an individual
— Social prognosis, demographics
— Informational security
— Criminology
— Human rights and freedoms

We believe there is an indispensable need for the consolidation of the managing and intellectual prominent figures of the international community to discuss ways of resolving the abovementioned civilizational problems of the post-apocalyptic era.