Local and Global Impacts of the War in Ukraine

June 06, 2024

Local and Global Impacts of the War in Ukraine


The Institute of Sociological Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine cordially invite you to a Conference held in Prague on 6-7 June, 2024. The conference aims to strengthen the knowledge base on the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine in local and global contexts, to report on how the world is radically changing in response to the war, and to discuss and communicate this enhanced knowledge base to the wider public. 


Our conference will provide a platform for discussing these findings with Ukrainian scholars studying social transformations directly in Ukraine, Ukrainians living outside of Ukraine, and scholars studying these social, economic, and political issues in other countries, especially in the Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern European countries. The conference in Prague also welcomes academicians from around the globe for a scholarly exploration that promises to provide fresh insights and spark dynamic conversations about urgent issues primarily from the sociological and social anthropological point of view. The transformations of Ukrainian society, the Ukrainian diaspora, mass migration issues, future challenges are among the many areas that must be addressed. An equally important goal is better integrating Ukrainian social scientists into European and global discourses, as well as providing more opportunities for their collaboration, including showing the limits of our, "outsider," knowledge.

The Conference Committee welcomes papers, theoretical or empirical contributions, related to the following topics:

•  What are the current and future geopolitical threats of the war for the global community?
•  What is the purpose behind the war in Ukraine? (What is the war in Ukraine for?)
•  How have diasporas from Ukraine impacted the nation itself and the receiving nations?
•  What has been the impact of the war on academic agencies?
•  What are the new topics and challenges for Ukrainian scholars and scholars of Ukraine?
•  What future challenges, such as reconstruction and development, will Ukraine face?
•  National minorities in Ukraine and their migration
•  Religion and war. How did the Ukrainians' worldview change during the war? 
•  The work of the law enforcement system of Ukraine during the war. Ukraine's reconstruction after the war and rise of criminality.


Conference details:

•  Dates:  June 6-7, 2024
•  Venue: Charles University, Prague 

•  Research paper proposals are welcome until February 29, 2024 (extended until March 30th)
•  Please fill out the online Google Form available through this link. Registration is closed.

•  Notification of acceptance/non-acceptance of contribution: April 30, 2024
•  Submission of final papers for book chapters: September 15, 2024 (5.000–7.000 words)
•  After positive review of final papers, they will be published in late 2024 or early 2025. 

•  Travel and accommodation costs will be borne by each participant separately.
•  The conference fee is 100 usd (Upd: no fees are collected)
(For participants who are unable to attend in person, a web presence might be provided)


Conference Committee:

•  Dr. Jerome Krase, Brooklyn College of CUNY (chair) 
•  Dr. Zdenek Uherek, Charles University, Prague
•  Dr. Oleg Maltsev, European Academy of Sciences in Ukraine
•  Dr. Harvey Kushner, Long Island University, New York

Contact person: 

•  Kanykei Tursunbaeva, EUASU 
•  Email: tursunbaeva.kanykei[at]gmail(dot)com